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Landscape Study of Handheld and Portable Raman Spectrometers

NCJ Number
Date Published
September 2014
43 pages

The study examines the present and future state of Raman spectrometer technology, as well as considerations for and potential benefits of its implementation.


This report provides a "landscape" view of the issues and products associated with field portable Raman spectrometers used for the identification of powders, liquids, gels, and/or tablets. The document is intended to furnish law enforcement, first responders, and hazardous materials experts with a survey of commercially available products. Specifically, the report provides decision makers and potential end users with the following: 1) exemplary cases that illustrate successful adoption, 2) issues to consider related to implementation of portable Raman spectrometers; and 3) comparisons of the capabilities of commercially available Raman spectrometers. The report is designed to provide the reader with a basic understanding of field portable Raman spectrometers, public safety applications, and benefits and limitations of the devices. The document provides a summary of considerations that will impact procurement, training, fielding, and evaluation.

Date Published: September 1, 2014