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Landscape Study of Field-Portable DUID Screening Products

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Date Published
June 2020
57 pages

In order to assist law enforcement in the investigation of cases that may involve driving under the influence of drugs (DUID), this report provides an overview of the physical and cognitive screening products that assess impairment and the chemical products that screen for the presence of drugs in a person's oral fluid, breath, or sweat.


In addition, the report provides law enforcement agencies with a survey of currently available and emerging screening products; and it also highlights key benefits, limitations, and procurement considerations for these products, based on interviews with DUID experts. Although the report focuses on products that assess an individual's impairment through physical, cognitive, and chemical screening approaches, it advises that other technologies may have value in the observation, documentation, and training for DUID investigations. These are covered in an upcoming report by the Criminal Justice Testing and Evaluation Consortium (CJTEC) that provides an overview of these technologies. The information provided in the current report was obtained from consultation with experts, practitioners, and other key stakeholders; a scan of relevant literature; a solicitation of market input for relevant products; the consolidation and synthesis of information; and case examples. 5 tables and a list of 20 resources

Date Published: June 1, 2020