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Investigation of a Novel Approach to Forensic Analysis Using Neutron Imaging Techniques

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This project assessed the capability of neutron imaging to detect hydrogen changes in decaying tissues to determine its usefulness and accuracy in estimating postmortem interval.
This Federally-funded research project sought to assess the capability of neutron imaging in regard to estimating time of death. The study used neutron imaging to detect changes in the levels of hydrogen present in decaying tissues to determine if this approach is useful for and accurate in estimating postmortem intervals. During the research, two sets of experiments on canine tissues within controlled environmental conditions and uncontrolled environmental conditions were performed and evaluated. Results of these "proof-of-concept" experiments suggests that neutron imaging may be used to reliably and accurately detect changes in hydrogen levels found in decaying tissues, and shows potential in correlating those specific changes in estimating postmortem intervals.

Date Published: January 1, 2014