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Inventory of State and Local Law Enforcement Technology Needs To Combat Terrorism, Research in Brief

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January 1999
6 pages
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Interviews and focus groups were conducted in 1997 with State and local law enforcement officers and emergency management officials who coordinate agency responses to terrorist incidents, regarding technologies needed by their agencies.
The 108 interviews and group discussions involved 195 individuals representing 138 agencies from all 50 States and the District of Columbia. Results revealed that the counterterrorism needs of these agencies are similar, with minor regional variations. However, law enforcement agencies often are not as well equipped as the terrorists they may encounter. A crucial issue for State and local police agencies is the affordability of new and existing technologies. In addition, terrorist acts can expand the scope of routine police functions, creating a need for new technologies. Nevertheless, many of the capabilities used to address terrorism are also needed to address crime in general. State and local law enforcement agencies are also aware that entities at all levels must cooperate to address terrorism effectively; this cooperation will require improved information and communications technologies. Weapons of mass destruction are of particular concern to police agencies; an issue of increasing importance is the ability to address cyberterrorism involving computers or computer networks. Tables and notes

Date Published: January 1, 1999