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Interactive Morphological Database for Estimating Sex in Modern Adults

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Date Published
August 2018
11 pages
This is the final summary overview of the report on a project whose goal was to develop a free, interactive morphological database for sex estimation.

In achieving this goal, the project examined the validity, reliability, temporal change, population variation, and the effects of asymmetry on sex classification, using the eight most popular morphological traits of the skull (Walker, 2008) and pelvis (Klales et al., 2012). The data collected in this project and the data sourced from additional researchers have been integrated into the program MorphoPASSE (Morphological Pelvis and Skull Sex Estimation) Database. This database includes all data collected as part of this project, as well as sourced data that already has dissemination approval from the researchers who collected it. A website has been created to host the database and all information related to it (www.MorphoPASSE.com). This website also contains an accompanying manual that includes revised trait scoring information and photos based on this project, information on the samples and populations, and instructions for operating the database program. How to interpret the statistical output is also discussed. The factors impacting the application of the recommended methods have been tested, and both methods are now compliant with the Daubert criteria. The data and information provided in the current report address the project's procedures and findings related to validity, reliability, population variation, temporal variation, and asymmetry. 6 tables and 8 references

Date Published: August 1, 2018