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Image Stabilized Binoculars With Integrated 3D Facial Recognition Imaging Capabilities

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January 2013
119 pages
This project is a continuation of a project funded by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) to develop a fully functional advanced binocular prototype to provide remote passive facial identification of persons at ranges of up to 100 meters, based on a given database of 2D facial images of wanted individuals or groups of individuals.

The initial funded project concluded with a technology demonstration of the device with the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department Tactical Training Unit in 2010. The field demonstration produced a high identification rate outdoors under uncontrolled environmental conditions at ranges up to 100 meters from point of use. Two fully functional systems were delivered to NIJ's Center of Excellence for test and evaluation with complete documentation, including user guides and manuals. The main thrust of the continuation project described in the current report is to design and develop a next-generation system that allows end users ease of use and operation beyond the capabilities of the device delivered under the initial award. That device required a significant amount of manual intervention to operate properly; and although handheld, it required the use of a tripod for live demonstrations. The objectives of the second award were to develop a truly hand-held device that does not require a tripod and improve the sharpness of the image produced. The second award also included support for additional technology demonstration by law enforcement agencies. The second award resulted in the development of a fully automated wireless hand-held 3D face recognition binocular system; although the system is limited to certain daylight conditions, the improved effort has been realized at ranges up to 100 meters. Further improvements are still required to bring this device to its full potential, however. 60 figures, 9 tables, and updated guide and user manual

Date Published: January 1, 2013