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Guidelines for Submitting Proposals for National Institute of Justice-Sponsored Research

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36 pages
In addition to providing guidelines for submitting proposals for National Institute of Justice-sponsored research, this manual contains application forms and detailed instructions for completing them.
After providing general application information, requirements are specified for proposal writers. The intent of this section is to help applicants present workable, understandable proposals. Proposal writers are informed about the technical materials to be included in the application, the page order, page limits, the costs involved, and the detail that should be included in the budget narrative. Further, proposal writers are provided with recommendations on the travel regulations that apply to the budget estimates, the extent to which indirect costs can be included in the budget estimates, any matching funds required, and the listing of other funding sources. Other information for proposal writers pertains to the nature of the review process, the criteria for an award, who is eligible to apply, resubmission of proposals, and the prohibition on supplanting funds. Another section of this manual specifies requirements for award recipients. These include the confidentiality of information and human subjects protection, compliance with the national Environmental Policy Act, standards of performance, reporting requirements, program monitoring, application forms, information and contacts, and an application checkoff list.

Date Published: January 1, 2000