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FY14 DNA Backlog Reduction Program Abstracts

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Date Published
September 2015
88 pages
After presenting a table that lists all of the grantees and their award amounts under the National Institute of Justice's (NIJ's) DNA Backlog Reduction Program for FY2014, this report presents grantee abstracts that describe how award money will be spent in an effort to reduce the grantee's backlog of DNA samples awaiting forensic analysis.
A table lists approximately 120 grantees alphabetically by the State of the grantee. Grantees encompass States, counties, and cities. The heading for each grantee's abstract provides the grantee's name, the award number, and the award amount. Each grantee abstract typically describes the structure and role of the agency or agencies responsible for processing DNA samples; the status and causes of the DNA backlog; how the award money will be spent; and what it is expected to accomplish. Most awards will be spent to either maintain current levels of DNA processing in the face of budget cuts or to increase the productivity and efficiency of DNA analysis so as to reduce the DNA backlog. Some of the ways in which awards will be used are through analyst overtime, the purchase of lab supplies and equipment, freeing DNA analysts to work only on DNA analysis, outsourcing, and hiring additional forensic staff.

Date Published: September 1, 2015