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Forensic Resource/Reference on Genetics Knowledge Base

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Date Published
January 2013
60 pages
This project's primary objective was to provide a web interface - "Forensic Research/Reference on Genetics knowledge base" (FROG-kb) - on DNA polymorphisms conducive for teaching and research, as well as to be a reference tool for forensic practitioners.
The underlying data were provided by the extensively used and referenced Allele FREquency Database (ALFRED). Many of the markers already in ALFRED are those used in forensics or published in the forensic literature for possible use. The project consisted of three components. One component involved the design, development, and publishing of a web application useful in forensics. A second component modified the structure of the existing database ALFRED, the data source for the application to store forensically relevant information. The third component was the entering of various forensic SNP panels developed in the researchers' lab, obtained from collaborators, and published in the literature. FROG-kb was developed as an open access web application that can be used as a tool for forensic practitioners. This report's author provides an update note on FROG-kb, which advises that since this 2013 report, extensive changes have been made in FROG-kb, making it considerably different from that described in this report. 10 figures, 60 references, and 26 notes

Date Published: January 1, 2013