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Federal Investment in Forensic Science Research and Development

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December 2016
26 pages

This compilation lists Federal Government agencies and sub-agencies that offer funding opportunities for forensic science researchers, as well as sub-agencies and organizations that offer support for the forensic science research community.


Much of the information provided on agency websites has been incorporated into this report verbatim. Hyperlinks of government agencies' websites, reports, and funding opportunities provide the reader easy access to additional information. The reader is advised to take the time to understand each agency's mission and interests. Some agencies, such as the National Science Foundation (NSF), are primarily interested in basic research to advance scientific understanding; however, this includes topics that relate to forensic science needs. Other funding agencies, such as the Department of Defense's Defense Forensic Science Center, have practical needs that require applied research and development that is linked to operational requirements. Most agencies included in this compilation will have an interest in only a subset of forensic topics; for example, the Department of Homeland Security may be interested in issues related to explosives and weapons of mass destruction, but may not be as interested in pattern or impression evidence issues. Forensics-related research topics of interest to each agency are outlined in the report and summarized in a s supplemental table. It is also recommended that researchers examine each agency's web page links for more in-depth information and attend conferences of agency briefings relevant to their field of focus.

Date Published: December 1, 2016