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Family Violence Prevention and Recovery Project, Final Report

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79 pages
This study examines violence in law enforcement families and how law enforcement agencies deal with family violence in the community.
The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department formed the STOP (Safety Through Our Perseverance) Task Force. The Task Force designed a project to: develop policies and procedures to assist personnel involved in, or with a potential for, family violence problems; implement a comprehensive education, training, and treatment program to prevent family violence involving law enforcement personnel and their families; and coordinate with existing programs to address family violence in the community and how law enforcement responds to and manages those incidents. The project included components responsible for Policy and Procedure Development, Information Dissemination, Training, Counseling and Treatment Services, and Program Evaluation. The Family Violence Prevention and Recovery Project assisted the department in establishing a viable and enforceable zero tolerance policy for employee-involved domestic violence incidents; created and implemented a comprehensive education, training, and treatment program to prevent domestic/family violence incidents involving law enforcement personnel; and addressed the issue of employee-involved domestic/family violence and its potential effect on how personnel respond to and manage such incidents in the community.

Date Published: January 1, 2000