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Families as a Resource in Recovery from Drug Abuse: An Evaluation of La Bodega de la Familia

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Date Published
January 2002
85 pages

This report evaluates the results of a New York City-based experimental program, La Bodega de la Familia which is designed to help drug abusers by helping their families.


This evaluation of La Bodega de la Familia did not find a significant reduction in the likelihood of drug offender relapse or arrest and conviction for a new crime. La Bodega de la Familia is a program that involves families of offenders in case management and other services as a supplement to probation, parole, or pretrial supervision. La Bodega de la Familia program participants, drug abusers, and their families were measured against a comparison group of drug users and their families. Interview methods were used to determine physical and mental health, family functioning, and social support at the time of entry into the program and again six months later. Appendices

Date Published: January 1, 2002