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Eyewitness Evidence: A Guide for Law Enforcement

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Policy/Procedure Handbook/Manual
This booklet describes improved procedures for collecting and preserving eyewitness evidence within the criminal justice system.
The booklet is divided into five sections, with sub-sections as noted: (1) Initial Report of the Crime/First Responder (Preliminary Investigator): Answering the 9-1-1/Emergency Call, Investigating the scene, Obtaining information from the witness(es); (2) Mug Books and Composites: Preparing mug books, Developing and using composite images, Instructing the witness, Documenting the procedure; (3) Procedures for Interviewing the Witness by the Follow-up Investigator: Pre-interview procedures and decisions, Initial (pre-interview) contact with the witness, Conducting the interview, Recording witness recollections, Assessing the accuracy of individual elements of a witness's statement, Maintaining contact with the witness; (4) Field Identification Procedure (Show-up): Conducting show-ups, Recording show-up results; and (5) Procedures for Eyewitness Identification of Suspects: Composing photo and live line-ups, Instructing the witness prior to photo and live line-ups, Conducting the identification procedure for simultaneous and sequential photo and live line-ups, Recording identification results. Figure, appendixes
Date Created: November 29, 2007