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Evaluation of TASER® X2™

NCJ Number
Date Published
March 2012
18 pages

This paper reports on a study to test and evaluate the TASER® X2™ electronic control device, with the initial goal of determining the overall performance of the weapons system, providing a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the weapon system.


This report lays out the goals, methodology, and findings of a study that tested and evaluated the TASER® X2™ electronic control device. The study’s initial goal was to determine the overall performance of the weapons system, which is designed for suspect compliance and has the ability to fire two TASER® cartridges in rapid succession, with a manufacturer-stated range of 25 feet. The study tested the weapon system’s accuracy, reliability, and overall functioning, and produced a linear regression model with the goal of providing weapon operators with the probe spread at various distances. The results showed that there was a 7.03-inch spread for every five feet of distance. The authors note that the weapon performed within the advertised parameters and specifications and was substantially more durable than previous weapon models. The authors also note that while the dual laser aiming system substantially increases the weapon’s accuracy, the laser may require the operator to compensate the point of aim for close distances to prevent striking a suspect outside the preferred target area.

Date Published: March 1, 2012