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DNATYPE for Windows 95/NT: User Manual and Guide

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109 pages

This manual explains a collection of computer software called DNATYPE; these computer programs are used for analyzing genetic data and databases for forensic populations.


Most of the programs are written in BASIC; one is written in FORTRAN. They run in DOS windows that pop up when the programs are run. Each program has an alphabetic letter that serves as a shorthand label, except for NRC, which does calculations of probability of a chance duplicate in a population according to the recommendations of the National Research Council report of 1996. The programs can be run in a Windows 95/NT interface to create, edit, and check population database files; perform tests for independence within, between, and among loci in a database; search database files for complete or partial matches; and calculate the probability of a chance match for a user-specified profile following NRC II guidelines. The manual provides information on each program's requirements, the background of the statistical tests it performs, its output, and the interpretation of the results. Figures, tables, and 34 references

Date Published: January 1, 1999