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Development of Microdevice Solid-Phase Purification Utilizing Dual Pressure/Electro-Elution for Concentration and Enhanced Recovery of DNA

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February 2007
23 pages
This paper describes the evaluation of a device that uses an electric field during the DNA elution stage of the solid phase extraction process in order to enhance recovery of DNA and provide a more concentrated sample for subsequent genetic analysis.

The evaluation demonstrated the application of an electric field while retaining and capturing DNA with precision elution and maintaining solution flow through the device designed for this evaluation. This was the first example of electrophoretically retained DNA during the course of micro-solid phase purification. It is the first step toward addressing the volume incompatibility between the DNA purification and PCR amplification domains in integrated microfluidic devices. The paper advises, however, that further development of the device design and protocol is required in order to ensure that the majority of the eluting DNA is retained. The preliminary results of this evaluation suggest that with proper evaluation and continued design development, the complete capture, concentration, and retention of DNA can be achieved. This paper describes the preliminary design for a glass microdevice capable of electro-solid phase extraction and dual pressure/electro-elution. Using this device, a typical solid phase extraction (sample load, protein wash, and DNA elutions) was performed using pressure-driven flow. The electric field was imposed during the final elution step in order to trap DNA as it exited the device. 12 figures and 24 references

Date Published: February 1, 2007