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Developing an Internet Model for Transnational Information Sharing and Dissemination: Final Report

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Date Published
January 1997
147 pages
This report presents the findings and recommendations of a project that explored and experimented with the emerging Internet technologies for the purpose of finding an optimal model for global information-sharing and dissemination in the field of criminal justice.
In order to determine whether the Internet can be used for conducting serious business in an international setting in an innovative and cost-efficient way, the project focused on three elements of the future working model: content development, technology, and international cooperation. Regarding content development, the project proposed to further develop the established electronic library on the Rule of Law and make it a principal information resource for those involved in reforming legal institutions and improving criminal justice systems in the post-totalitarian countries. Regarding technology, the project proposed to develop and distribute an integrated software package that contains all that is needed to connect to and use the Internet. Regarding international cooperation, the project aimed to help the United Nations-associated institutes (which NIJ joined in 1995), as well as other NIJ partner institutions overseas, in setting up their own electronic libraries and making their documents available online. The project accomplished its exploratory goals and proved that Internet-based information- sharing and dissemination is the way of the future, being especially cost-efficient and suitable for an international, multilingual environment. Through Internet technology, the National Institute of Justice can successfully implement projects in multilingual international settings and offer cutting-edge, easy-to-replicate, and cost-efficient technical solutions for criminal justice enterprises. As a result of project recommendations, a unit called the NIJ Internet Studio has been formed to design and implement NIJ's Internet program. Various project materials and presentations are appended.

Date Published: January 1, 1997