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Crisis Information Management Software (CIMS) Feature Comparison Report

NCJ Number
Date Published
October 2002
57 pages
This report provides technical information that is intended to assist Emergency Management Agencies (EMAs) in comparing and contrasting commercially available crisis information management software (CIMS).
CIMS, the software found in emergency management operation centers, supports the management of crisis information and the corresponding response by public safety agencies. This report provides background information on the activities that led up to the product feature comparisons and then presents general findings and the implications for the selection of an appropriate software product for each agency. The procedure for comparing software features is described, followed by the reporting of CIMS candidate product information. The report includes a Feature Comparison Matrix that assists each agency in applying the results to priority requirements. Thirteen software products were tested and compared. Each product is described, and contact information is provided. The project was not structured or intended to determine a "best in class" product, but rather to help agencies determine on their own the top candidate products suited to meet their specific needs and requirements. Once the inputs to the Feature Comparison Matrix are processed and the top products that meet the agency's priorities are determined, an agency can take the results into its procurement process. Appended supplementary information

Date Published: October 1, 2002