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Crime, Criminal Justice, and Criminology in Post-Soviet Ukraine

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July 2001
119 pages
Publication Series
This study analyzes crime, criminal justice, and criminology in post-Soviet Ukraine.
The purpose of this study is to introduce U.S. criminologists, criminal justice researchers, and other observers to the state of crime and justice in Ukraine. It will also help scholars understand the character of Ukrainian criminology and assist researchers from both countries in identifying possible projects and potential partners for collaborative inquiries. The study contains an interpretive analysis of recent Ukrainian political theory. It describes the emergence of independent Ukraine and its regional differences, written and working Constitution, central political institutions, and current socioeconomic predicament. It examines patterns of crime and criminality in Ukraine since 1972. It scrutinizes data on ordinary economic, business, and organized crime, and explores reasons behind their growth and transformation in the past 25 years. It analyzes the past and present system of criminal justice in Ukraine, focusing on problems in policing, prosecution, and criminal procedure, and assesses the regime's response to crime. Finally, it outlines the main institutions and topics of criminological research in Ukraine today. Notes, tables

Date Published: July 1, 2001