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Coordinated Approach to Reducing Family Violence: Conference Highlights

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Date Published
October 1995
38 pages
Publication Series
This report presents the highlights of a conference designed to foster a collaborative approach to family violence between the health, justice, and social services communities.
A review of conference discussions on professional collaboration in addressing domestic violence focuses on the roles of health and justice professionals, the identification of abuse, victim safety, victim needs, multiple victims, and victims and the legal system. An overview of the discussions of professional education encompasses interdisciplinary communication, sensitivity training, and victimization issues. Recommendations presented in this report were consolidated from work group deliberations in the areas of assessment, interventions, media, prevention, and professional education. The recommendations represent the views of conference participants and emphasize the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration, the empowerment of victims, perpetrator accountability, violence prevention, and the strengthening of families and communities. One of the core recommendations is that researchers and practitioners in health, justice, and social service systems share information and work cooperatively at the local level. Another central recommendation is that approaches to assessment, prevention, and intervention should be adjusted to meet the complex needs of families in which violence and abuse occur. Appended supplementary information that includes discussions of the impact of domestic violence on children, the Family Violence Research Program, and a listing of organizations involved in conference planning

Date Published: October 1, 1995