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Containment Devices for Small Terrorist Bombs for Law Enforcement, Final Report

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Date Published
September 1999
14 pages
This report described the design, building, and testing of the Jaycor blast resistant containment devices for utilization by law enforcement in the storing and transporting of pipe bombs.
Currently, steel containment vessels are used to contain small terrorist bombs (pipe bombs). These containment vessels are seen as heavy, hazardous (due to the vented top and fragments escaping), and expensive. Under the National Institute of Justice, Jaycor received a contract to design and build a containment device to supplement the present containment vessels. In contrast, the Jaycor container was designed for transportation in a pick-up truck or sport utility vehicle and carried by one or two bomb squad members. It was designed to contain the blast and fragments of a pipe bomb containing 1 pound of black or smokeless powder. Through testing, the project demonstrated the feasibility of containing bomb blasts resulting in a design that could be developed into a commercially available, cost-effective product for law enforcement. Additional design improvements included modifying the design to make the container a spherical shape for optimum blast containment and to incorporate thermal absorbing material on the inside to lower the overall pressure and prevent burn-through of the material. Graphs, diagrams, and references

Date Published: September 1, 1999