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Comparison of Ballistic-Resistant Body Armor Standards: Why You Should Wear 0101.06-Certified Armor

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February 2016
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This report compares the provisions of the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Standard-0101.04/05 Interim Requirements (IR) for ballistic-resistant body armor with NIJ Standard-0101.06/Compliance Testing Program (CTP) Requirements and encourages criminal justice agencies whose personnel wear body armor to wear only 0101.06-certified armor.
The IR standard (0101.04/05) and the CTP standard (0101.06) are compared on the following areas: 1) registration, 2) armor submission process, 3) testing process, 4) CTP inspection, 5) follow-up inspection and testing, 5) NIJ-approved laboratories, and 6) review/appeal/compliant process. Although there are significant differences between the IR and CTP standards in all of these areas. There are some notable differences. Regarding the registration requirement, there is no registration required under the IR standard, and the CTP standard requires participants to complete an Applicant Application Package that provides the CTP with basic contact information for the applicant. Regarding follow-up inspection and testing (FIT), there is none required under the IR standard; however, the CTP standard requires the applicant to agree to participate in the Conformity Assessment Program. Regarding the review/appeal/compliant process, whereas the IR standard requires a NIJ review, the CTP standard requires that an established Special Review Committee of independent experts from various disciplines manage this process.

Date Published: February 1, 2016