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Civilian Police and Multinational Peacekeeping - A Workshop Series: A Role for Democratic Policing

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Burack Volume: Lewis Issue: Dated: Pages: -
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January 1999
35 pages
This is a collection of three papers and participants' comments delivered at a workshop on the roles of international civilian police in monitoring and helping to develop public safety forces.
Efforts to establish abroad police forces dedicated to responsiveness and accountability must focus on elements critical to democratic policing, and avoid trying to replicate existing systems or procedures simply because they come from police forces in democratic countries. In addition, developers of new systems must be sensitive to local policing traditions and the host country's basic cultural values; recognize that reform of the police will require the direct support, or at least the passive acquiescence, of the host nation's political forces; and understand that pressures from competing constituencies and interests can subvert reform. Workshop participants considered those issues as well as the varieties of world policing; the distinguishing features of democratic policing; the process of managing democratic change abroad; managing US participation in international police operations; and practical issues in providing policing assistance abroad. Notes, appendixes

Date Published: January 1, 1999