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A Century of Changing Boundaries

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17 pages
After reviewing the various contributions of criminal justice reformers in the 20th century, this introductory chapter outlines the topics of the chapters in this volume, which focus on various "boundary" changes in criminal justice in America.
A review of criminal justice reformers describes the reform work of police reformers bearing upon the professionalism of police; the work of corrections reformers, who addressed the conditions of confinement; the work of social reformers, who helped change society's view of what constitutes crime; juvenile justice reformers who sought to improve the plight of young offenders; and progressives who attacked the nonfeasance and corruption in urban government. An overview of the topics in the chapters in this volume considers the following "boundary" issues addressed in the chapters: the privatization and "civilianization" of policing; the boundary between Federal and local law enforcement; the changing interface between the courts and corrections; the blurring of the line between juvenile and adult justice; the changing response to domestic violence; the internationalization of criminal justice; and the new paradigm of community justice. 23 references

Date Published: January 1, 2000