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Case Classification for Juvenile Corrections: An Assessment of the Youth Level of Service/Case Management Inventory (YLS/CMI), Executive Summary

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Date Published
May 2003
2 pages
This is the executive summary of a report on research that was designed to test the applicability of the Youthful Level of Service Inventory (Y-LSI), a juvenile classification tool, with juvenile offenders in residential, institutional, and community supervision (probation) settings in Ohio.
Y-LSI assessments were completed for samples of youth in three Ohio juvenile corrections settings. Follow-up data on case outcomes were collected 2 years later. Also, correctional staff in the three settings were surveyed to obtain their perceptions of the value and use of the Y-LSI. Analyses tested the predictive validity of the Y-LSI. The results indicate that the Y-LSI is generally a valid predictor of case outcome across the three correctional settings. The overall Y-LSI score was significantly related to case outcomes for both males and females and for White and non-White juveniles. This report advises, however, that if the correctional agency wishes only to perform an initial risk classification, the Y-LSI may not be an appropriate instrument. Few components of the total Y-LSI score contribute to overall risk-prediction accuracy, and the requirements for completing the assessment (over 1 hour of staff time) do not support the use of the Y-LSI for simple risk classification; however, if an agency wishes to assess needs and to use need assessment information to develop and deliver effective intervention, the data from this study indicate the Y-LSI is a useful tool. Optimal value from the use of this instrument can be achieved with full implementation, including validating the instrument on the target population.

Date Published: May 1, 2003