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Can a Workbook Work? Examining Whether a Practitioner Evaluation Toolkit Can Promote Instrumental Use

NCJ Number
Date Published
R. Campbell, S. M. Townsend, J. Shaw, N. Karim, J. Markowitz
Since there has been limited research to date on whether a practitioner toolkit fosters the successful design, implementation, and use of evaluation findings, the current study conducted a multi-site project that developed a practitioner evaluation toolkit and then studied the extent to which the toolkit and accompanying technical assistance were effective in promoting successful completion of local-level evaluations and fostering instrumental use of the findings (i.e., whether programs directly used their findings to improve practice, see Patton, 2008).
In large-scale, multi-site contexts, developing and disseminating practitioner-oriented evaluation toolkits are an increasingly common strategy for building evaluation capacity. Toolkits explain the evaluation process, present evaluation design choices, and offer step-by-step guidance to practitioners. In the current project, forensic nurse practitioners from six geographically dispersed service programs completed methodologically rigorous evaluations; and all six programs used the findings to create programmatic and community-level changes to improve local practice. Implications for evaluation capacity-building are discussed. (Publisher abstract modified)
Date Created: August 14, 2016