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California Successes

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January 2001
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This article describes emerging and existing technologies used by the California Department of Corrections (CDOC).
The first technology featured was originally conceived as an officer duress signal. Brought to the CDOC by their Technology Transfer Committee, the technology involves electronic wrist monitoring bands to be worn by inmates and correctional officers that will enable the CDOC to identify the exact location of each individual within their facilities. The system utilizes radio-frequency signals that will alert correctional officers when an inmate gets too close to a perimeter fence or too close to an inmate with whom there have been prior problems. The technology is expected to decrease the manpower necessary to secure a correctional facility. The article describes other technologies currently being tested and evaluated for correctional use by the Technology Transfer Committee, including a less-than-lethal water restraint system that operates like a fire hose laced with pepper spray and a pepper spray device developed for extracting protesting inmates from their cells.

Date Published: January 1, 2001