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Calculate Repeat Crime

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October 2008
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This paper describes the development and success of the Near Repeat Calculator, an assessment tool to better determine the risk of a “near repeat” crime, the geographical area affected, and the duration of the threat.
The Near Repeat Calculator is a stand-alone executable program that allows the user to enter coordinates and dates for any type of crime, most commonly burglaries and other property crimes. Once the data is entered, the user receives information telling them how much the risk of a “near repeat” crime will be increased, the geographical area affected by the increased risk, and the duration of the threat. The Near Repeat Calculator requires no special hardware to run; however, it works best with high-volume crimes, such as vehicle theft and burglary. By using the Near Repeat Calculator, administrators can gauge the duration of time that extra patrol cars will be needed. The Calculator offers another tool within the law enforcement crime mapping portfolio.
Date Published: October 1, 2008