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Automated Information Sharing: Does It Help Law Enforcement Officers Work Better?

NCJ Number
National Institute of Justice Journal Issue: 253 Dated: January 2006 Pages: 25-26
Date Published
January 2006
2 pages
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This article presents research findings on the attitudes of law enforcement officers toward automated information sharing.
The results of the research indicate that officers who used automated information sharing systems were more likely to believe that information technology increased effectiveness and job performance than compared to officers who did not use automated information sharing systems. Other findings indicated that officers believed the use of the Automated Regional Justice Information System (ARJIS) increased case clearances. However, an inspection of crime clearance and arrest data suggested that arrest and clearance rates for violent crimes were the same for both departments. Recommendations for improving ARJIS are offered and include ensuring that automated information sharing technology does not offer more data than is needed to avoid overloading officers with too much information. Data for this study were drawn from surveys of officers and detectives in the San Diego Sheriff’s Office (SDSO) concerning their views about the use of the ARJIS. Data were also gathered from a comparison sample of officers from a sheriff’s department in the Southeastern United States that did not use an automated information sharing system. Notes

Date Published: January 1, 2006