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Application of the Frequency Based Coding to Smart Gun Technology

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This report presents information regarding the application of Frequency Based Coding (FBC) to smart gun technology for law enforcement use.
The goal of the project was to adapt a new signal transmission technology called Frequency Based Coding (FBC) to smart gun systems. The purpose was to engineer handguns so that they operate normally for authorized law enforcement users, but disable themselves when in the possession of unauthorized users. The report details the electronic design that would allow the proprietary FBC technology to be used as an add-on to a smart gun system. Technology Next, the company that designed FBC, built three modules: the transmitter module, the receiver module, and the enrollment/code re-setting module. The receiver module contains the discriminator, and unless the transmitter module is within a few inches of the pistol grip, the gun will not fire. The system can periodically change codes to prevent collaboration between criminals and law enforcement officers; codes are changed using special cards and can be done without disclosure to team members. Computer simulation demonstrated the effectiveness of this approach to smart gun technology and the electronic schematics designed during this project incorporate all the suggested smart gun system features. Figures

Date Published: January 1, 2004