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Another Man's Treasure

NCJ Number
Date Published
National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center
Publication Type
TechBeat Article
This article describes the 1033 Program, which gives excess military equipment to law enforcement and corrections agencies.
Thought of as the ultimate recycling program, the 1033 Program has provided equipment of all types, from mobile homes to helicopters and gas masks, to agencies across the country. The article discusses the many ways this excess equipment is used by law enforcement and corrections agencies. For example, the South Carolina Department of Corrections received mobile homes, gas masks, and an armored vehicle through the program. The mobile homes are used as classrooms for the training of officers; the gas masks are useful in the event of a prison disturbance; and the armored vehicle is available for prison disturbances as well as hostage and stand off situations. The history of the program, which began in 1989, is described and contact information for the 1033 Program is provided.
Date Created: September 18, 2008