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Algorithmic Image Matching (AIM): Project Analysis for Santa Ana Police Department

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The Santa Ana, California, Police Department (SAPD) has implemented an electronic mug imaging system known as MugMatch; developed by Pacer Infotec, the MugMatch system exceeds the capabilities of current mug imaging systems.


The objective of MugMatch is to assist law enforcement with suspect image booking, witness identification of suspects, and investigative work. The system efficiently enables forensic investigators to maintain a central repository of color images, physical descriptions, personal identification information, and arrest information. Using this information, it is possible to search and identify unknown suspects with MugMatch's robust textual query feature, coupled with its high-technology face- recognition engine. The MugMatch system contains four basic components: (1) Capture station enters suspect information and captures mug images; (2) Retrieval station searches the MugMatch database by specifying various descriptive characteristics of a suspect and examining the results; (3) Update station enables information to be modified; and (4) Administrative station performs administrative duties. The environment in which the MugMatch system has been implemented in the SAPD is described. System evaluation findings indicate that MugMatch is a useful tool for suspect identification. 5 tables and 5 figures

Date Published: January 1, 1999