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Adult Pornography and Violence Against Women in the Heartland - Results From a Rural Southeast Ohio Study

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Date Published
Walter S. DeKeseredy, Amanda Hall-Sanchez
This study conducted in-depth interviews with 55 women victims of intimate partner violence (IPV) who were living in rural southeast Ohio, so as to determine whether their perpetrators were viewers of adult pornography.
Many rural parts of the United States are now “pornified.” There is growing quantitative evidence that rural women are at higher risk of being victimized by intimate violence than their urban and suburban counterparts. The women interviewed for this study either wanted to leave, were trying to leave, were in the process of leaving, or had already left their male marital/cohabiting partners. They indicated that pornography was a major component of their abuse. The main objective of this article is twofold: (a) to present the results of this qualitative study, and (b) to suggest future directions in theoretical and empirical work. (Publisher abstract modified)
Date Created: February 25, 2019