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Action Research and the Community to Criminal Justice Feedback Loop - Interview With Edward Davis

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June 2011
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This video and transcript cover an interview with Edward Davis - Boston Police Commissioner (Massachusetts) - at the 2011 NIJ (National Institute of Justice) Conference, in which he discusses the importance of action research in designing police deployments to identified high-crime neighborhoods, which includes police responsiveness to community concerns and community feedback in the course of implementing deployment policies.
Commissioner Davis cites the Boston Police Department's long history of action research (since the 1990s), which involves studies of crime patterns in various neighborhoods followed by the design and deployment of police tactics tailored to the types of crimes prevalent in target areas. The police tactics used are evaluated in interaction with the community to determine their effectiveness in reducing targeted crimes. These evaluations include the solicitation of feedback from the community regarding police actions and their influence on police-community trust and relations. Social media are used in this police-community interaction.

Date Published: June 1, 2011