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NIJ FY 12 DNA Backlog Reduction Program

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NIJ seeks proposals for funding for the FY 2012 DNA Backlog Reduction Program. This program provides funding to States and units of local government with existing crime laboratories that conduct DNA analysis to process, record, screen, and analyze forensic DNA and/or DNA database samples, and to increase the capacity of public forensic DNA and DNA database laboratories to process more DNA samples, thereby helping to reduce the number of forensic DNA and DNA database samples awaiting analysis. Forms and Examples To ease the application process, we have created a Program Narrative Form and an example application including a completed program narrative, budget narrative and budget detail worksheet. Download the forms and examples:DNA Backlog Reduction: Program Narrative Form (pdf, 15 pages)Example Program Narrative (pdf, 15 pages)DNA Backlog Reduction Budget Detail and Narrative Worksheet (xlsx, 102 KB)Example Budget Detail and Narrative Worksheet (xlsx, 108 KB) We will be using this Review Checklist (pdf, 21 pages); please make sure your application has included all necessary components.


Number of Awards: 117
Total Amount Awarded: $74,347,305

Date Created: February 21, 2012