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NIJ FY 11 Evaluation of the Honest Opportunity Probation with Enforcement Demonstration Field Experiment (HOPE DFE)

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As part of a collaborative effort with the Bureau of Justice Assistance to implement and rigorously test important criminal justice interventions and programs, NIJ is seeking competitive proposals for a single award that will support a multi-site randomized controlled trial (RCT) program evaluation of the Honest Opportunity Probation With Enforcement (HOPE) demonstration field experiment (DFE). The DFE will examine the HOPE program's processes, outcomes, and cost effectiveness through a multi-site study conducted for the explicit purpose of generating evidence about this probation program. Learn more about the Demonstration and Evaluation of HOPE: An Innovative Probation Program.


Number of Awards: 1
Total Amount Awarded: $2,499,944

Date Created: May 4, 2011