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NIJ FY 11 Research and Evaluation in Justice Systems

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Note: This description and the solicitation were modified on Jan. 26, 2011. The changes are noted below in italics. NIJ is seeking applications to examine issues related to the criminal justice system, specifically events that occur post-arrest. This solicitation seeks proposals to examine topics relevant to State and/or local criminal and juvenile justice systems policy and practice. Specific focus areas under this solicitation for FY 2011 include: a multi-state study on the impact of incarceration on families of adults confined to penal institutions; a national study on state budget shortfalls and prison closings; and multi-jurisdictional (changed from "multi-state") research on automated reporting systems and kiosk supervision.


Number of Awards: 3
Total Amount Awarded: $2,086,557

Date Created: December 16, 2010