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NIJ FY 10 ORE Research on Eyewitness Identification Procedures

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NIJ seeks proposals to conduct research to improve understanding of current eyewitness identification practices and advance the current body of knowledge regarding how law enforcement policies and operations at the state and local levels may impact eyewitness identification outcomes. Eyewitness evidence plays a critical role in the criminal investigation process. Eyewitness evidence is not infallible, however, and the methods employed to obtain it and use it to identify suspected criminals or exonerate the innocent may impact its accuracy and effectiveness. Eyewitness procedures have the potential to contribute to identification errors, such as the identification of the wrong person or the failure to identify the person who perpetrated the crime. As State and local law enforcement agencies adopt policies and procedures governing eyewitness identification methods, important questions have emerged regarding their effectiveness in reducing error rates. This solicitation does not address subjective or legal analyses of validity or the probative value of evidence.


Number of Awards: 1
Total Amount Awarded: $323,966

Date Created: April 14, 2010