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Awards: Listing of Funded Projects

Every year, NIJ awards grants and cooperative agreements for research, development, evaluation, testing and training and technical assistance projects across the spectrum of criminal justice.
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Number of Awards: 7
Total Amount Awarded: $4,872,503

Funded Awards
FY Sort ascending Title Original Solicitation Recipient State Award Number Amount Status
2022 A Multi-Site Randomized Controlled Trial of an Enhanced Field Training Officer Program: An Analysis of Administrative Outcomes and Community Interactions NIJ FY22 Research and Evaluation on Policing CNA CORPORATION, THE VA 15PNIJ-22-GG-03138-RESS $978,449 Open
2022 Examining Models of Law Enforcement Crime Information Centers for Sustained Organizational Change NIJ FY22 Research and Evaluation on Policing CNA CORPORATION, THE VA 15PNIJ-22-GG-03142-RESS $709,851 Open
2021 Domestic Terrorism: Using Psychosocial, Trauma-Related, and Life History Variables to Inform Intervention and Prevention Research and Evaluation on Domestic Terrorism Prevention, Fiscal Year 2021 CNA CORPORATION, THE VA 15PNIJ-21-GG-02723-DOMR $592,637 Open
2021 Police Response to Civil Disturbances: Understanding Strengths, Challenges, and Organizational Learning through After Action Reports Research and Evaluation on Policing Strategies for Civil Disturbances, Fiscal Year 2021 CNA CORPORATION, THE VA 15PNIJ-21-GG-02707-RESS $642,315 Open
2021 • Title: Juvenile Justice Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic Research on Juvenile Justice Topics, Fiscal Year 2021 CNA CORPORATION, THE VA 15PNIJ-21-GG-03267-RESS $599,787 Open
2018 A Study on the Impact of Body-Worn Cameras on Inmate Misconduct in the Loudoun County, VA Adult Detention Center NIJ FY18 Research and Evaluation in Corrections CNA CORPORATION, THE VA 2018-75-CX-0019 $714,164 Open
2018 The Impact of Individualized Focused Deterrence on Criminal and Pro-Social Outcomes: A Randomized Controlled Study of the St. Louis Police Partnership NIJ FY18 Understanding the Impacts of Policing Strategies and Practices CNA CORPORATION, THE VA 2018-75-CX-0001 $635,300 Open