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Target: Tactical Automated Response using GPS Enabled Technologies

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Description of original award (Fiscal Year 2010, $289,451)

Tactical Automated Response using GPS Enabled Technology (TARGET) will enhance situational awareness by providing law enforcement officers in the field real time geo-spatial data. Data will be accurately captured and retrieved using handheld GPS enabled devices. TARGET will provide comprehensive and easily interpreted maps integrating police incidents and Field Interviews (FIs), parolee addresses, locations associated with warrants, gang locations, sex offender addresses, and critical infrastructure locations.

ARJIS will leverage its existing Wireless, Alerting and Mapping projects to create an all encompassing mobile application for officers in the field to capture and receive location based alerts and crucial investigative and officer safety information. The application will capture the location of the officer via GPS and use those coordinates to automate retrieval of GIS enhanced situational awareness information. GPS locating technology will standardize and improve the accuracy of Field Interview (FI) creation. Improved quality of easily interpretable information will allow task force members and other field officers to make knowledgeable tactical and investigative decisions, even in unfamiliar locations.

ARJIS proposes four new technology capabilities:
1.GPS/GIS Capture for Field Interviews (FI) and Alert Entry- This capability will enable officers to use GPS/GIS enabled technology to accurately capture field interviews and alerts. The capability will also include the ability for the officer to pre-populate the field interview with data obtained from a search of the individual, executed in advance of the field interview. An example would be the automatic pre-population of the individual's name, DOB, height, weight, and address taken directly from the response of a driver's license query to the State Department of Motor Vehicles.

2.GPS Automated queries for mapped incidents and FIs- This capability will enable officers to run queries on locations acquired via a GPS enabled PDA and to receive information with a map of police incidents, and known addresses of parolees, sex offenders, and/or gang members, contained within a radius and time frame identified by the officer.

3.GPS Enabled Alerts: This capability will enable officers to receive notifications, alerts, and maps, on their PDAs when within a certain proximity of addresses or predefined areas such as parolee addresses, addresses associated with warrants, sex offender addresses, or gang injunction areas.

4.GPS Enabled critical infrastructure proximity alerts- This capability will enable officers to request a critical infrastructure map layer that can be integrated with the officer's current location, police incidents, suspicious activities, parolee, gang, warrants, and sex offender addresses.

TARGET will substantially improve the quality and breadth of information available to officers in the field, simplify the process to capture and retrieve critical crime data, and improve safety for the demanding job of law enforcement in remote, unfamiliar, and rapidly changing environments.

This project will be an operational test of the concept of integrating GPS location acquisition into many different law enforcement applications.


Date Created: August 26, 2010