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NIJ Recidivism Forecasting Challenge

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1 hour

The National Institute of Justice's "Recidivism Forecasting Challenge" (the Challenge) aims to increase public safety and improve the fair administration of justice across the United States. The Challenge offers an opportunity for contestants to win prize money totaling over $700,000 for their development of a recidivism forecasting model using data provided by NIJ. The winning Challenge forecasts will be used to help improve recidivism rates, the likelihood of a past criminal to reoffend, and inform policies and practices.

This webinar will offer a brief overview of the National Institute of Justice and the data science needs of criminal justice, and will provide details for participating in the Challenge, including who can submit, how to retrieve datasets, submission categories, and important deadlines. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions during this forum.

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Date Created: April 30, 2021