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Law 101: Legal Guide for the Forensic Expert


This course provides 13 modules and this introduction which is designed to give a comprehensive discussion of recommended practices for the forensic expert to follow when preparing for and testifying in court.

Because laws may vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, experts are advised to check with local attorney(s) and become familiar with the laws applicable in the court where they will testify.

The thirteen modules include:

  • Sources of Scientific Evidence
  • Report Writing and Supporting Documentation
  • Importance of Case Preparation
  • Subpoenas vs. Promises to Appear
  • Affidavits
  • Being a Court-Appointed Expert
  • Discovery
  • General Testifying Tips
  • Depositions
  • Pretrial
  • Trial
  • Post-Trial, Pre-Sentencing
  • Ethics for Experts

Download a PDF of the course material. 

Date Created: September 1, 2011