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Genes of a Feather Stick Together: Evaluating Linked Markers

Part of the "DNA Kinship Webinar Series"
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Event Duration
1 hour

New DNA analysis kits used in kinship testing may contain loci that are potentially linked. This project will examine if three pairs of exhibit linkage and explore possible solutions for using these loci more appropriately in kinship testing.

This webinar will impact the forensic science community by demonstrating to what degree three sets of linked loci (vWA and D12S391, CSF1PO and D5S818, and SE33 and D6S1043) are linked while also illuminating the potential impact of treating these loci as independent instead of linked. The results of this research may impact the processes involved in familial kinship testing for both domestic and foreign immigration cases by more accurately depicting pedigrees. After attending this presentation, attendees will better understand the implications of linked loci in kinship calculations and how best to approach such loci in familial relationship testing.

Date Created: March 14, 2018