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Staci Yutzie

Stacy Yutzie, Ed.D
Manager, Center for Policing Excellence; 2022 NIJ LEADS Civilian
Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training


Staci Yutzie is the Center for Policing Excellence (CPE) Manager at the Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST). The CPE was established by the Oregon legislature in 2013 to make policing more effective and efficient by bringing research to practitioners through training and partnerships.

Staci has worked as a civilian in public safety for over twenty years. She currently oversees a number of state programs, including research; academy programming and instructor development; behavioral health training; leadership and research literacy training; equity training; and the technical assistance branch of the Oregon’s Statistical Transparency of Policing (STOP) program.

Staci’s work on academy training earned DPSST the 2021 International Association of Chiefs of Police Leadership in Law Enforcement Research award. She co-authored an effectiveness evaluation of the Oregon academy that was published in 2021. Staci has presented on training at the International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference and at the National Symposium on Police Academies and Training.

Her research interests are in police training, training effectiveness, and implementing evidence-based policing practices. Staci holds a bachelor’s degree in Law Enforcement, a master’s degree in Justice Management, and a Doctor of Education degree in Organizational Change and Leadership.

Date Created: August 22, 2022