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Ryan Manley

Portrait of Ryan Manley, 2023 NIJ LEADS Scholar
Captain, 2023 NIJ LEADS Law Enforcement Officer
Fayetteville Police Department

Fayetteville Police Department, NC

Ryan Manley has served as a District Captain with the City of Fayetteville, North Carolina Police Department since January 2022. Captain Manley has been with the department since 2002 holding various assignments ranging from a District Commander to the supervisor of the Crime Analysis Unit. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice and Political Science from the State University of New York College at Brockport and a Master of Science in Criminal Justice from Fayetteville State University. Captain Manley graduated from the North Carolina Justice Academy's Management Development Program Class #29 and earned his Advanced Law Enforcement Certificate from the North Carolina Training and Standards Commission. Captain Manley is the team commander for the Crisis Negotiation Team, participates in the Cumberland County Veterans Treatment Court, and is a departmental liaison to the Cumberland Fayetteville Crisis Intervention Team. In his current assignment, Captain Manley commands the Campbellton Patrol District and utilizes evidence-based policing practices to reduce the harm and impact of criminal behavior.

Captain Manley employs various evidence-based policing strategies to identify and quantify criminal behavior's effects within his patrol district. These strategies include projects utilizing the collective efficacy theory to improve community cohesion and eliminate specific areas causing undue risk to that community. He participates in research focusing on law enforcement's use of mental health diversion, the critical thinking process, and treatment courts. Captain Manley's research interests include justice-involved reform, mental health diversion, data collection and statistical analysis, and the community harm index. He's excited to utilize the LEAD program to bridge the gap between academia and law enforcement practitioners.

Date Created: August 8, 2023