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Philip Lukens

Portrait of Philip Lukens, 2023 NIJ LEADS Scholar
Chief of Police, 2023 NIJ LEADS Law Enforcement Officer
Alliance Police Department

Alliance, NE

Chief Lukens began his successful law enforcement career in Colorado in 1995 as a police explorer. Currently serving as the Chief of Police in Alliance, Nebraska since December 2020, he has garnered multiple certifications, including Northwestern School of Police Staff and Command, PERF’s Senior Management Institute for Police, IACP’s Leadership in Police Organizations and a Bachelor of Science in Criminology from Colorado Technical University. 

Chief Lukens is at the forefront of utilizing state-of-the-art technology to enhance police operations. By reducing staff hours needed for intelligence and administrative tasks, his department can prioritize human and victim-centered policing. Emphasizing AI on the backend, he ensures human officers and dispatchers remain readily available for direct interaction with the community. 

His innovative approach includes sentiment analysis and efficiency analysis of body camera footage and transcriptions. Manual and digital algorithms for crime prevention and hot spot emphasis have been successfully implemented, optimizing patrol methods in the small city. 

 Dedicated to evidence-based practices and 21st-century policing, Chief Lukens has achieved remarkable results. Use of force incidents decreased by 85% in 2022, while overall crime saw a reduction of over 20% in the same year, and an additional 30% in 2023. 

 Chief Lukens continues to demonstrate a commitment to mission accomplishments and community safety, using data-driven strategies to ensure the Alliance Police Department's success. 

Date Created: August 8, 2023