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Matt Tye

Portrait of Matt Tye, 2021 NIJ LEADS Scholar
Assistant Chief; 2021 NIJ LEADS Scholar
Madison Police Department

Madison, WI

Assistant Chief Matt Tye has been with the Madison Police Department (MPD) for over 23 years. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Northwestern University and a Law Degree from the University of Wisconsin. He is currently the Assistant Chief of Field Operations overseeing patrol operations and MPD’s six police districts as well as the K-9 unit, the Special Events Team (crowd management),  and the Mounted Unit. In 2023 Chief Tye had the responsibility of implementing a city wide crime reduction and prevention initiative and response plan utilizing data to better serve the community. He continues to manage this crime reduction and prevention strategy.    

Prior to his current assignment, Chief Tye served as the Captain of Community Outreach where he oversaw the department’s co-responder Mental Health Unit, Addiction Resource Team, and all department outreach engagements and restorative justice initiatives. He has also served as a Patrol Lieutenant, a Detective Lieutenant, Detective and Police Officer. In these roles, he supervised a number of units to include the Special Victims Unit and the SWAT Crisis Negotiation Team.

Date Created: July 28, 2021