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Matt Jones

Christian Peterson
Homicide Detective; 2019 NIJ LEADS Law Enforcement Officer
Tempe Police Department

Tempe, AZ

Detective Matt Jones is presently assigned to the homicide unit within the Tempe Police Department and has worked in law enforcement for the past 19 years. Det Jones has completed assignments in Patrol, Robbery, the Criminal Apprehension and Surveillance Team, and the U.S. Marshal’s Violent Offender Task Force. Det Jones has obtained a B.A. degree in Political Science/Criminal Justice and a M.A. degree in Forensic Psychology. Det Jones’ primary interests and expertise revolve around science-based interviewing techniques for local law enforcement. Since 2015, Det Jones has been collaborating with research psychologists involved with science-based interviewing areas such as rapport building, information elicitation, cognitive interviewing, eyewitness memory, addressing resistance and credibility assessment. Det Jones participates both in the science-based interviewing research and training, and recently developed of a science-based interviewing 5-day curriculum created specifically for local law enforcement to be taught by law enforcement.

Date Created: September 4, 2019