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Maria Wright

Constable Maria Wright
Constable; 2020 NIJ LEADS Law Enforcement Officer
London Police Service. London, Ontario Canada

London ON

Constable Maria Wright has been a sworn member of the London Police Service for twelve years and has experience in both the uniformed and criminal investigations divisions. Maria is currently completing her Master’s Degree in Applied Criminology and Police Management at Cambridge University.  Her thesis project is a 10-year analysis of tracking the accuracy of assessing persons who may be a high risk for committing intimate partner violence offenses. In her current role as part of LPS’s modernization team, she is using her knowledge and experience to develop an evidence-based project that will evaluate the effectiveness of different proactive impaired driving interventions. She is also creating a project that focuses on crime prevention for residential break and enters in the city of London, Ontario. 

Date Created: July 27, 2020