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Kevin Legg

NIJ Graduate Research Fellow
Center for Forensic Science Research and Education

Kevin Legg (2011 Fellow) is currently a research fellow at the Center for Forensic Science Research and Education. As a current NIJ-funded lead scientist at the Center, Kevin is focused on developing and validating the bodily fluid screening methodology that he established during his graduate work. This methodology identifies forensically relevant bodily fluids based on a panel of protein markers. Kevin's strong scientific work as a GRF and NIJ-funded postdoctoral researcher have led to two recent partnerships, one with NMS Labs and the other with Agilent Technologies. The latter partnership has yielded a rapid blood screening method that is now being implemented by the Brasilia civil police. These postgraduate opportunities and collaborations would not have been possible without the GRF funding, says Kevin.

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Date Created: July 17, 2019